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Vision & Values

TUSA unites, organizes and trains leaders from diverse congregations to build a powerful community voice. Individually and collectively, we empower ourselves, hold officials accountable, achieve systemic change, and promote fairness, justice and democracy in Toledo/Lucas County.


  • TUSA will be the recognized effective voice of the voiceless, demanding and achieving justice for all.
  • TUSA will be a powerful instrument of change, able to awaken the prophetic call of congregations to engage in justice issues.
  • TUSA will grow to include 40 congregations and community groups as fully participating members.
  • TUSA will develop the capacity to mobilize 1,000 people for public action.
  • TUSA will be financially stable and strong, securing investments from a broad base of supporters, raising an annual budget in excess of $150,000, and building an asset base that supports the long-term growth of the organization.
  • TUSA will train leaders and strengthen networks in member congregations, schools, and community groups, helping them to be effective.
  • TUSA will build bridges among diverse ethnic, racial and religious constituencies.
  • TUSA will transform Toledo/Lucas County into a community where all people are treated with fairness, dignity and respect.


  • We believe the members of all segments of the community should be heard and valued.
  • We believe that people themselves have the power to determine their future and have a responsibility to speak up and demand justice for all.
  • We put God first and seek divine guidance for all our actions.
  • We believe that human beings are created in the image of God and therefore deserve to be treated with fairness, dignity and respect.
  • We value the diversity of our multi-lingual, multi-cultural community.
  • We display the highest level of integrity in all of our activities and actions.
  • We uphold moral and ethical standards in our congregations and in public life.


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Hotspot Card
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Download the popular Hotspot Card  PDF, 278KB to notify us about suspicious, criminal, or destructive activity anywhere in the Toledo area. We will share this anonymous information with city officials to work out an effective solution.

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