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Local Training

Rethinking Justice

The popular Rethinking Justice workshop is an excellent introduction to the biblical mandate for justice for Godís people and the biblical basis for community organizing. Drawing from both Old and New Testaments this workshop is excellent for newly involved or potentially involved congregations or just as a refresher course for everyone. Rethinking Justice is usually a three hour long workshop, but frequently it is tailored to the needs of the specific congregation.

One-on-One Training

One-on-one visits are the basis of all community organizing. Building relationships among people and identifying self-interest is central to how TUSA builds power. The one-on-one training workshop is excellent for people at all levels of involvement and experience, and teaches skills useful across all aspects of peoplesí lives. When a congregation, school or community group implements a one-on-one process, ties among their members become stronger and often result in growth as people use their personal networks to involve their friends and family.

Media Training

Communicating effectively with the media is crucial to getting your point across. TUSAís power comes from organized people, but raising awareness of TUSAís work within the community is also of central importance. Starting in 2005, TUSA will train a team of leaders to act as spokespeople who will be the first point of contact for all manner of media relations.

Issue Cutting

How do you take a problem and transform it into an achievable, winnable issue? Thatís what issue cutting is all about. This workshop teaches leaders how to take the problems surfaced during a one-on-one process and transform them into specific, local, unifying issues. These issues then become the basis for organizational campaigns which, when successful, result in community change.


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